Simply upload your files* 3d, pictures cutouts, background, skys on our page.

To proceed, just create your account and follow the procedure.
Our Administrator will aprove you account creation and your file deposits before the publication online.
Later on, you can Access your account and follow your sales.
There is no commitment, and you can decide anytime to stop the sale and recover your files.
*You become the unique owner of each file you upload online to be sold.
Your file will need to have a good quality and follow the theme of the page, and relate the outside Landscaping
(Plants, rocks, gravel, grit, garden furniture, textures, skys, persons, animals, backgrounds )


You get 60% from the sale of your files.
Exemple: you sell 100€ files on our page (gross price, including 20% VAT.)
we will pay you back 60€  Including VAT
Your gains will be transfered on you bank account as soon as make the demand.


 You must be the owner of the file => the file must not be protected with Copyrights, comming from a copyright protected database!

 Our Administrator will validate with you, the deposit of your files, the quality of them, and the selling price before the publication online.
This in order to respect:
- the desired characteristics
- the corresponding price, matching with the products witch are already online.